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Coffee Bar opens at 8 AM. Get inspired every morning with our bright flavors and bold espresso drinks

.saloon-inspired. COCKTAILS

Cocktail Menu harkens back to the wild west when drinks were strong and times were … well- WILD!


Never heard of it? We didn’t either – that’s why we created it. Try out all our nostalgic comfort food inspired by the flavors we encounter in the southwest.

a place to create.

We believe in getting the best results when we allow creative people to do what they do best – be creative. We encourage our staff to push themselves out of their comfort zone to see what they can come up with.

🌵So far this year, we’ve been inspired by our colorful morning coffee and have come up with some saloon-inspired libations and a southwestern comfort food menu – check out our menu below!

the space is the place.

Overlooking Fault Line Park from our large outdoor patio in East Village, San Diego .modbom. is the central hub for the neighborhood. You can find nightly events and an open seat for our friends and neighbors from morning ’til midnight.

🌵 check out our calendar below or book your next event

home of acid vault.

.modbom. was born from acid vault, the speakeasy located somewhere mysteriously within our building. It boasts some of the best cocktails in downtown, a completely immersive hand-painted bar that seeks to grow the culture of East Village with Jazz every Monday, poetry readings on Tuesdays, and good vibes on the weekend.

“I didn’t know what Southwest comfort food was and then I couldn’t get enough.”


“I love jazz on Mondays in the Acid Vault.”


“Incredible drinks and such a great vibe”


Ya’ll come back now! ya hear?

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